Fallout 4 Mirelurk

Bethesda ha rilasciato un nuovo update per Fallout 4 che va ad aggiornare, in modalità beta, la modalità Sopravvivenza su PC.

Di seguito inseriamo le note ufficiali dell’aggiornamento:

New Survival Features
Thirst, hunger, sleep and disease icons will change color based on status

Survival Fixes
Less food and drink are required to maintain proper sustenance
Carry capacity lowered
Sleep cycle has been lowered from 24 hours to 14 hour days
Reduced chances of getting a disease
Fusion cores weigh more
Nuka Cola Quantums no longer cancel out caffeine effect from Nuka Cola and Nuka Cola Cherry
Fixed occasional issue with becoming parched or peckish when thirst or hunger are actually satisfied
Fixed issue where Adrenaline effect would incorrectly persist after changing difficulty level
When companion is down, a quest target will appear on them