Trailer di lancio per Ancestors Legacy

    Ancestors Legacy è ormai in dirittura di arrivo e, come da tradizione, 1C Company ne ha rilasciato il trailer di lancio. Il titolo è in uscita il prossimo 22 Maggio su PC e Xbox One.

    Ecco il comunicato ufficiale:

    Hello conquerors,

    it is time to remember our ancestors, to realize and acknowledge where we’re all coming from and what our forefathers did to ensure our place in this world is secured and safe. We will soon be reliving a part of European history through Ancestors Legacy. The inspiration for this project stemmed from some of the biggest historical moments and it’s with great respect to those past leaders, warriors and even ordinary folk, that we will present these events to the gaming community. But before we do, we want to set the mood and tone right with a brand-new launch trailer which is the final herald before the game’s launch on next Tuesday, 22 May 2018 at 4 pm GMT / 9 am PST.

    We would also like to ensure all reviewers that the current build is still being updated regularly and that the bugs you might be coming across are being addressed intensely and that we’ll keep on crushing them until the release and beyond. The need to touch the core of the whole save/load system recently unfortunately means that all previous saves are deemed unusable, but we have unlocked all the missions to compensate for this issue. The mission progress will be reset upon launch (22 May 2018). We apologize for the inconvenience.

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