Titanfall 2: ecco le patch notes di Operation Frontier Shield

    Respawn Entertainment ha pubblicato, sul forum ufficiale, le patch notes in vista dell’arrivo di Operation Frontier Shield, DLC gratuito di Titanfall 2 che sarà disponibile a partire da oggi 25 luglio.

    Oltre ai nuovi contenuti, insieme a Operation Frontier Shield introdurrà qualche modifica sul piano del bilanciamento dei Titan e dell’equipaggiamento dei piloti.


    • Ogre class Titans now have a baseline of 1 dash with a 10 second cooldown.
    • Turbo Engine will now reduce cool down of Scorch and Legion’s dashes to 5 seconds. It will still behave the same as before for other Titan classes.
    • Overcore now gives 20% core meter.
    • Electric Smoke unlocks at 20% instead of 25%.


    • Sword Block damage reduction reduced by 5%.


    • Scorch will now have 1 dash charge with a 10 second cooldown.
    • Increased Firewall’s width.
    • Scorch Kits
    • Wildfire Launcher now increases the direct-hit damage of the Thermite Launcher. It still increases the amount of fire spread.
    • Scorched Earth’s lingering fire lasts longer.
    • Tempered Plating now makes Scorch immune to crits and his own thermite damage.
    • Fixed a bug with Flame Core not igniting Incendiary Traps.


    • Legion will now have 1 dash charge with a 10 second cooldown.
    • Hidden Compartment: Power Shot has two charges and Power Shot damage is reduced by 15%.


    • XO-16 base magazine size increased to 40 rounds.
    • Reduced the strength of the slow effect of Energy Siphon.
    • Slightly reduced effectiveness of Arc Rounds against Vortex Shield and Heat Shield.
    • Multi-Target Missile System no longer locks onto cloaked targets.


    • Aim Assist settings have been modified for Assault Rifles and SMGs.
    • ARs and SMGs require you to be aiming closer to your target before any ADS assist takes effect.
    • Reduced the overall effectiveness of ADS assist for Assault Rifles.
    • Titan Hunter kit modified to be 10% extra Titan meter from damage instead of 10% Titan Meter on Titan Kill.

    Phase Shift

    • Now has just 1 charge, but recharges faster.


    • Medium and long damage significantly reduced.
    • One of the positive changes we saw in the High TTK playlist was the increase of weapon diversity. It is our hope that between the Aim Assist nerf and this SMG nerf, we’ll see weapon diversity increased across all three platforms.


    • Reduced fire rate.


    • Reduced fire rate: In this particular instance, we felt that the reduced fire rate simply made the gun feel better since the gun stabilizes better between shots.


    • Slightly reduced damage at medium range. It still has the best medium range damage of any Assault Rifle.


    • No longer locks onto cloaked targets.

    Smart Pistol

    • No longer locks onto cloaked targets.


    • High TTK playlist changes for the P2016, Wingman, Wingman Elite, and Mozambique have been brought over to bring their power level down now that all Pilots can carry a secondary weapon.


    • Lunge time and melee hit frames changed to .3 seconds from .2 seconds. This will help people firing weapons, particularly automatic weapons, get extra shots in before the lunge completes.
    • Melee lunge range reduced.
    • Non-lunge melee attack range increased. This will help with the cases where melee looks like it should hit but doesn’t connect with the target.”

    Potete leggere tutte le note della patch sul post ufficiale (in inglese) di Respawn Entertainment.

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