Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar ha rilasciato oggi una nuova patch dal peso di circa 350MB per la versione PC di Grand Theft Auto V che va a correggere diversi problemi riscontrati dagli utenti, qui in basso vi inseriamo il changelog ufficiale in inglese:

– Vehicles in your garage can no longer be accidentally replaced with vehicles from the street. For details, see this page.
– Improved stability and fixed several crashes and hangs while transitioning between Jobs in GTA Online.
– Fixed an issue where certain players were unable to exit their garages while inside of a personal vehicle.
– Fixed an issue where the game could freeze if you were robbing a store while someone else was attempting to buy snacks there.
– A rare issue has been fixed where some players received a “Purchase Failed” error when attempting to buy apartments.
– Fixed an issue where players would be asked to quit the game while using text chat in Golf and pressing the “E” key.
– GTA Online characters can now be added to your shortlist in the Rockstar Editor.
– Fixed several clipping issues that occurred when taking Snapmatic selfies.
– One-on-One Vehicle Deathmatches in Free Roam will now properly spawn all participants in vehicles.
– Fixed a Steam-only issue where you could not alt-tab back into GTAV if you alt-tabbed out while the Steam overlay was active.
– Various fixes to bring improved patch download speeds.
– Improvements to matchmaking so players that have good connections to each other are matched together more frequently.
– Fixed a Steam-only issue where players could not use Mexican Spanish as a subtitle language.
– General stability fixes for director mode and video editor.
– Various crash fixes.
– Fixes for issues caused by launching the game in offline mode.