Indie Mega Booth ha rivelato la line-up dei titoli indie che verranno mostrati al prossimo PAX East che si svolgerà a Boston tra il 10 e il 12 Marzo. Durante questi tre giorni, verranno presentati e mostrati oltre 90 titoli indie. Ecco qui la lista completa:

MEGABOOTH line-up:

A Normal Lost Phone – Accidental Queens
ARENA GODS – Supertype
Asura – Ogre Head Studio
AWAY – Aurelien Regard
Blasters of the Universe – Secret Location
BUCK – Wave Interactive
CRANGA – HandMade Game
Crossing Souls – Fourattic
Date or Die – Dev or Die
Dead Cells – Motion Twin
Death Squared – SMG Studio
Decay of Logos – Amplify Creations
Detention – Red Candle
EARTHLOCK: Festival of Magic – Snowcastle Games
Enlightenment – LizardKing
Elsinore – Golden Glitch Studios
For The King – IronOak Games
Galaxy of Pen & Paper – Behold Studios
Graceful Explosion Machine – Vertex Pop
Hand of Fate 2 – Defiant Development
Home Behind – TPP Studio
I Expect You To Die – Schell Games
Iconoclasts – Joakim Sandberg
Interfectorem – Girls Make Games
INVERSUS – Hypersect
Kismet – Psyop
Ladykiller in a Bind – Love Conquers All Games
Lobotomy Corporation – Project Moon
Madness – Vilavi Studio
MARE – Visiontrick Media
Masquerada: Songs and Shadows – Witching Hour Studios
MOTHERGUNSHIP – Terrible Posture Games and Grip Digital
Nidhogg 2 – Messhof
Night in the Woods – Infinite Fall
Northgard – Shiro Games
Obduction – Cyan
Open Sorcery – Abigail Corfman
Overland – Finji
Pathologic – Ice-Pick Lodge
Project Highrise – SomaSim
Redout – 34BigThings
Refactor – NextGen Pants
She Remembered Caterpillars – Jumpsuit Entertainment
SHIO – Coconut Island
Songbringer – Wizard Fu
Spirit Parade – Lettuce Waltz
Split Bullet – Indigo Blue Game Studio
Sundered – Thunder Lotus Games
Super Rude Bear Resurrection – Alex Rose
Super Cloudbuilt – Coilworks
The American Dream – Samurai Punk
The Frostrune – Grimnir Media
The Gardens Between – The Voxel Agents
The Metronomicon – Puuba
Thumper – Drool
Tooth and Tail – Pocketwatch Games
Ultimate Chicken Horse – Clever Endeavour Games
We Know the Devil – Pillow Fight/Worst Girls
West of Loathing – Asymmetric Publications
Wulverblade – Darkwind Media and Fully Illustrated
YamaYama – Lumenox Games

MINIBOOTH line-up:

Abi – Grant & Bert Studios
Badass Hero – Awesome Games Studio
Bear with Me – Episode One – Exordium Games
Bleed 2 – Ian Campbell
Catacomb Kids – FourbitFriday
Dimension Drive – 2Awesome Studio
Emily Is Away Too – Kyle Seeley
Hexarden – Flippfly
Keen – Cat Nigiri
Let Them Come – Tuatara Games
Semblance – Nyamakop
Semispheres – Vivid Helix
Legends of Aria – Citadel Studios
SHNIPERS – Brenden Cameron Games
Stone Story RPG – Martian Rex
Sumer – Studio Wumpus

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